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EMU vs. Toledo — What’s Beef

March 12, 2015

Lace up your boots. Tape up your hands. Live from Cleveland, it’s EMU vs. Toledo — ONE NIGHT ONLY! All we need is Don King, a weigh-in, a bunch of tacky suits, and that dude who yells Let’s get ready to Rumble©. Beef ‘bout to go down in Cleveland. Time to settle this EMU/Toledo shit once and for all.

Last night, EMU took down Bowling Green, in a game that saw prime time performances from the big three, Karrington Ward, Mike Talley, and Raven Lee. All season long, many voices, including mine, have said that when Ward, Talley, and Lee are all clicking at the same time, EMU can beat anyone. They needed to last night, as BG shot lights out from the floor. Offense trumped offense, with a little bit of Lekan Ajayi thrown in.

Now, EMU is playing with the house’s money. On a roll, the big three playing well, role players like Ajayi, Anali Okoloji, and Brandon Nazione, and even a wild card like Tim Bond who can sneak up on the opposition, EMU is loose and having fun playing basketball. Against Miami, they looked at the abyss, and the abyss looked back. Eastern survived.

Maybe Toledo is feeling a little tight. Lots of pressure on, you know. The past few years, so much regular season success, and nothing but an NIT blowout loss to Southern Mississippi to show for it. A loss would be quite the disappointment for Toledo, wouldn’t it?

What happens if Toledo is one and done in the MAC Tournament? Will whispers emerge from the Toledo media about Tod Kowalczyk? Remember, love is fickle. That’s the way it is with the media. One minute they are stroking you, the next they are writing your obituary.

Given the fact that EMU has played two tight games in three nights, that Toledo is the #4 seed, well rested, will have more fans at the Q, first team all-MAC guard Julius Brown, two third team all-MAC players — given these facts I suppose Toledo should win this game pretty handily.

Why do I think that won’t be the case, I mean, according to the magic eight ball, all signs point to Toledo.

Don’t forget about the beef. EMU believed last year, and Toledo knocked them out. The rematch is here, and victory is within grasp. Right now, Rob Murphy’s crew has swagger. Toledo has fresh legs, and EMU’s big three have logged lots of minutes in two games. But if Toledo comes out tight, and the game is close in the last five minutes, buckle up and grab the popcorn. That is just the scenario that can push EMU through to the semifinals. Sweet, sweet revenge.

When it comes down to it, if you got beef, you got to put the hurt on. Just like this:


Time to step into the Q, and to step into the ring. The greatest fight I ever saw was Bowe/Holyfield II, an epic twelve round battle, with the 12th round being the most intense of all. Tonight is the 12th round between EMU and Toledo.

Don’t wait for the decision, EMU Hoops, KNOCK ‘EM OUT!

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  1. Ken Barna permalink
    March 12, 2015 9:40 pm

    Dear Jeremy,
    Well, I liked your enthusiasm, and I was hoping too for a different outcome, but the MAC has the worst set-up for a tournament. Are they afraid of being embarrassed by a lower seed team making it to the dance, and losing the first game? Even though we have had tournament champs, who were top seeds, go to the dance and lose their first game. I’m not saying a different set-up would have had Eastern going farther in the tournament, I just think it needs to be changed.

    • Jeremy Rosenberg permalink*
      March 13, 2015 9:19 am

      I completely agree, Ken, the new format hasn’t led to any tournament success. In fact, back in the day when MAC teams actually won tournament games, the standard format seemed to work fine.

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