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“Major Historic Announcement” for EMU Football

June 19, 2014

In case you are not already aware,  EMU football will have a  “Major Historic Announcement” today at 1 PM.  Since news broke, I have been pondering a question that is near Aristotelian in its complexity: what exactly constitutes a “Major Historic Announcement.”  Given the grandiose-yet-cryptic nature of the phrase, one can not help but speculate as to what earth-shattering news awaits us at today’s press conference.

There have been rumors about a new field, or perhaps new lighting at Rynearson Stadium.  If either or both lighting/field surfaces are getting a much needed upgrade, then all the better.  Any fan of EMU football knows Rynearson desperately needs both.  The current field is a shabby mess, and the lighting is not HD capable, which means EMU is not going to be playing a home game on ESPN, or any other meaningful national broadcast outlet for that matter, until the lighting is upgraded.

I do wonder if a new field, or new lighting, truly qualifies as a “Major Historic Announcement.”  I would hardly regard news of Rynearson stadium upgrades as cause for a loss of sleep.

Now, I am second to no one in my fandom and enthusiasm for Eastern Michigan football,  but I can assure you, gentle reader, that news of new lights and a new field surface would not cause me even one second of insomnia.

Which leads me to believe that there is something more going on here than stadium upgrades.  I don’t know MAC Communications Director Jeremy Guy personally, but I have to believe that a person with a name as cool as him could not possibly be so excruciatingly boring, to experience nocturnal duress due to routine stadium maintenance.

The question that remains is, what news of EMU football is so momentous that it will have kept Mr. Guy from his usual eight hours of blissful slumber?

Option 1)  Yes, EMU is getting new lights and a new field surface.  But they will also be getting a home game televised on ESPN, or at least ESPNU.

Analysis:  Obviously, a televised home game is a wonderful thing.  But wouldn’t a televised home game be better if/when EMU starts showing a spike in attendance?  Is it really beneficial to the program to see 27,000 empty seats?  I keep thinking back to the EMU vs. Ohio basketball game, the one that was at 11AM.  I just don’t think the visual of an empty arena or stadium helps the program.

Perhaps this announcement will coincide with a concrete date for the EMU vs. MSU game at Rynearson, and that will be the televised game.  In 2018 or something like that.  After Eastern, in President Susan Martin’s words, “fill[s] that stadium.”  And filling it with MSU fans doesn’t count.

Option 2)  Former Michigan State commit Jayru Campbell is coming to EMU.

Analysis:  Eastern has offered Campbell, the Cass Tech QB who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for brutally body slamming a school security guard.  Just two days ago Campbell officially de-committed from MSU.  This would be earth-shattering news.  It seems unlikely, but DO NOT underestimate Chris Creighton’s ability to connect with another human being.  If Creighton bonded with Campbell, and sold him on a narrative of redemption, rising from the ashes for both himself and EMU, this could happen.  Ben Roethlisberger went to a MAC school and has forged a nice NFL career for himself.  Turning around EMU would get a lot of attention, and any NFL dreams Campbell may have can certainly be realized if he wears the block E.

Like I said, it seems unlikely, and I would question the pomp surrounding the announcement.  Campbell would be a player of exceptional talent, clearly the best to commit to EMU in the modern era, or perhaps any era.  But to hold  a celebratory press conference at the Convocation Center for the signing of a player who is about to serve jail time for assault seems inappropriate.

It also seems fantastical, doesn’t it?  Except for one thing – who loses sleep over EMU getting a nationally televised game? Jayru Campbell coming to EMU, well, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

But I’d be pretty fired up.

Option 3)  EMU will bring back the Huron logo.

Analysis:  Even more unlikely than option 2.

Option 4)  EMU will have the first female football player in MAC history, a young freshman named Brienne of Tarth.

Analysis:  Please let it be this.  She’d be a a hell of a linebacker.

Who knows what else it could be?  EMU to play all home games on Friday nights at the Big House?  EMU invited to appear in the 2014 GM Recall Bowl, to be held at newly upgraded Rynearson Stadium?  John Madden to take over as analyst for the EMU radio broadcast?

I guess all we can do for now is wait until the “Major Historic Announcement” takes place.  Assuming the major, historical nature of the announcement hasn’t completely blown my mind, an announcement of such magnitude that I become compelled to sell all my possessions, to hike barefoot to the Alaskan wilderness and live in an abandoned bus, assuming this doesn’t happen, I’ll have a reax post from the press conference.

Until then, dream big, Eagle Nation, and be sure not to lose any sleep.

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  1. Kenneth Barna permalink
    June 19, 2014 1:04 pm

    Dear Jeremy,
    I think the cat has been let out of the bag. It will just be an announcement of new “Gray” turf being added to Rynearson Stadium. Personally, I think it will be horrible, but who knows? To me it is just a gimmicky thing, and I don’t like those kinds of things. I’m also a traditionalist. The tradition of playing on green fields has always been there. Our colors are green and white, not matte gray and white with a smattering of green. You can see I do not like the uniforms of late too.
    Like you though, it would be nice to really have a statement of great importance, like becoming a new member of the Big Twelve. Ha-Ha.

  2. Block E permalink
    June 19, 2014 2:43 pm

    This is something that lets me say that EMU Football is unique. I’m very happy to see it. Also, the way it seems to fit with the mentality of our new coach is absolute bliss.

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