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Eastern Michigan Vs Norfolk State in Pictures

March 18, 2014

I thought my shooting basketball for the season was done at 10:16 P.M. on Friday night as I was starting to leave Gund…err, Quicken Loans Arena.  There was no chance that Eastern Michigan would find its way to the NCAA Tournament.  Nor was it likely that they were going to make it to the NIT.  Then I found out that Eastern Michigan was selected for the CIT, my first question was what is the CIT?  Apparently it stands for the Tournament.  My next question was, how old is this thing?  It sounds pretty new…like this year new.  Turns out that this thing has been around since 2009 and has something to with the fact that there are now over 300 teams in Division I basketball.  Since this tournament uses the old NIT format, the games are played at campus locations and this meant that Eastern got to host the game.  This was fine by me, since that meant I got to take another set of basketball pictures.

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Jeremy asked me to write a couple paragraphs about the game itself.  Keep in mind that when I’m shooting the game, I’m not really paying attention to the ebb and flow of the game, so much of this is going to come from memory.  One thing that stood out in my mind is that this game seemed alot closer than it should have been.  If I were going to guess, I would have put Norfolk State in the same category as some of the teams that Eastern dispatched early in the season.  But I guess that doesn’t count for the fact that they have nothing to lose.  Not that Eastern really had that much to lose either.

It seemed like the same things plagued the Eagles that plague them the whole season.  Number one on that list was their late game free throw shooting.  Eastern had several opportunities to put the game away but it seemed like they couldn’t connect from the free throw line.  By my estimates, they missed the first shots of most of their one and ones.  Fortunately, their final free throw went in with 3 point something seconds left and sealed the game.  They seemed pretty tenative at the beginning of the game and not displaying patience in thier shot selection.  I don’t know how many three pointers they had clang from the rim.

That being said, it was a good thing their defense was on tonight.  Even though Da’Shonte fouled out, he remained pretty dominant the time he was in the game.  There were a few times where Norfolk State had the ball and turned it over.  Again, like the rest of the season, they lived by their defense.

One more note.  Despite this being a post-season game, the Convocation Center looked pretty empty.  The students turned out their normal crowd but it seemed like the rest of the crowd were many of the same people that I see at the games.  At least the few folks that came to the game got to see a fairly (but too) exciting game.

I don’t know if Eastern is going to play one more game in Ypsilanti but if they do, I will try to make it.

I realized, I didn’t mention the important part…Eastern won 58-54.

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