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2013 MAC blogger roundtable, week 12

November 16, 2013

Eagle Totem rules the roundtable with an iron claw!

This week’s MAC Blogger Roundtable is hosted by…me! I am king of the roundtable, BOW DOWN BEFORE ME! MWAHAHA!!!

As king, I subjected my…er…subjects to a three-question inquisition. The following blogs paid fealty:

As always, I’ve selected a…um…a selection of the best answers to each question. To peruse all the brilliance that is MAC bloggery, click the links above.

1. With three weekends remaining in the regular season, two MAC coaches are already gone. Does anyone else get fired, and if so who? Do any coaches get hired away, and if so who?

Falcon Blog:

Well, I guess the last coach on the hot seat is Dan Enos.  I don’t see UMass doing anything and WMU is kinda stuck in the boat for a little while.  My guess is that Enos stays, but it is probably 50/50.

As for voluntary departures, there are the usual host of suspects:  Rod Carey, Matt Campbell, Pete Lembo and Dave Clawson.  It would not surprise me if all 4 coaches move on this year and it would shock me if 3 of them return to the MAC next year.

Hustle Belt:

With English and Treadwell gone, I honestly don’t see anyone else getting fired.  Jeff Quinn is contending for a MAC East spot and Dan Enos is still in the hunt for a bowl bid (or at the very least, eligibility).  All of the first year coaches get passes, and Bowden has Akron respectable this season (or the top of the cellar.  Progress!).  Unless CMU completely collapses this season and loses 2 of their last 3 games, no one else gets canned.  My hot-seat watch next season though would feature Enos, PJ Fleck, Molnar, Bowden, and Frank Solich.  Yes, I went there.

As for hired away, the obvious choice is Lembo.  His name was thrown around last  year, but nothing came through.  Now after Ball State nearly knocked off NIU last night (don’t deny it Huskie fans) on national TV, Lembo is almost surely gone.  Rod Carey should stay because of (1) just one season and (2) Jordan Lynch.  Sorry, but when you have him, you need to show staying power period.  Matt Campbell sounds like he’s staying in Toledo for a very long time.

Another name some people might forget is Dave Clawson.  Yes, I said it.  The job he’s done with BGSU the past two seasons is pretty solid.  I mean, they nearly beat Mississippi State this season!  I’m calling it now, Clawson has his name thrown around a bit this off-season.

2. This year it seems that the conference has a top and a bottom but no middle; six teams have six or more wins already, while the other seven teams have three or fewer wins. Those bottom seven teams collectively have just a single win over the top six teams (Central Michigan over Ohio). Why is the divide so sharp this year?

Bull Run:

You have a lot of new coaches in the MAC and a lot of rebuilding teams like Miami, Western Michigan, Kent and Akron. Few coaching changes ever really go well and even though some of these teams have a lot of the pieces in place it will take awhile for things to come together.

Then there is the team building for the first time and the team forever rebuilding. UMass and EMU each have a lot to prove program wise.

Over The Pylon:

I think it’s the case of the cyclical MAC where a program either wins for a couple of years then falls off for a couple of years, rinse and repeat or a program is just awful for long stretches. NIU and BSU are the system buckers, one being consistently good for several years and several coaches and one building on success year after year. It goes in circles so I’m sure in a few years the teams that are terrible will be good and the teams that are good will be struggling to pillow fight their way past each other. Circle of life and all that jazz.

3. Six MAC teams are already bowl-eligible, and a seventh has a fair shot (Central Michigan, with games remaining against Western Michigan, Massachusetts, and EMU). Make some bold bowl predictions!

Let’s Go Rockets:

Ball State and NIU will be bowling for sure, but neither in the BCS. Last year was an anomaly, in our opinion, and we don’t expect to see a MAC team chosen for the BCS again. Buffalo and Toledo will receive bowl invites and probably BG, but we suspect Ohio is less likely to receive that 6th invite this year. CMU can, and probably will, win the rest of their games, but they probably won’t be getting an invite as a 6 win MAC team is probably not a ‘must get’ for a bowl committee.

That’s it for this week…stay tuned as our friends from Buffalo New York will take the bull by the horns.

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