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Time for leadership

October 5, 2013

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m not going to equivocate. I’m not going to use weasel words.

I’m going to be direct and to the point.

It is time for Ron English to go.

Heather Lyke, if you are reading this, please take action now, before Eastern Michigan University is subjected to further embarrassment. Be the leader this program needs; please fire Ron English today.

There is no longer a process. There is no progress. This is a disaster. Let the Ron English era at EMU end here.

What would be the ramifications of firing English immediately?

Probably minimal. From a financial point of view, his contract runs through 12/31/13. He’s going to get paid for that regardless, but it’s not as though EMU would be paying two head coaches full salary at once.

From a team perspective, Stan Parrish is more than capable of jumping in as interim head coach to finish out the season; he’s been both an interim head coach and a regular head coach before. As for the defense, either defensive line coach Ken Delgado or linebackers coach Mark Criner could run the show; each has previously been a DC for an FBS school.

 Are there other options?

The second-best option would be for Lyke to immediately announce that Ron English will coach through the end of the season and then be gone.

Let’s be honest, at this point we all know that English will not be coaching at EMU past December 31. Heather Lyke needs to make at least that much official right away, and start a coaching search — if she hasn’t already started.

As Jeremy wrote on the open thread, “If this is a serious program, they have to get rid of English. Now.”

Well, Ms. Lyke? Is this a serious program?

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  1. Kenneth Barna permalink
    October 5, 2013 7:14 pm

    Dear cmadler,
    After watching the last two games Eastern was supposedly playing, this team reminds me of Coach English’s first year in Ypsilanti. We have looked so bad in these games, if I were a player or coach, I would be embarrassed to show my face on campus come Monday. People will be quick to say, “These were good teams Eastern was playing, what did you expect?” Well, how about tackling, using proper technique, proper angle of pursuit to cut off a long run, just one game without giving up a big play, and play calling that will help win a game? I have called on Stan Parrish to run a reverse. These last two games guess who ran them for touchdowns?
    I know I’m getting off topic, but felt I had to offer these things to justify and show that Eastern has not improved since year one. We all know now that the third year was a fluke. Fire English now!

  2. J-Sat permalink
    October 6, 2013 10:44 pm

    the funniest part of the game had to be when the Buffalo fans start chanting Eastern High School /Eastern middle school.don’t get me wrong game was just out of hand but when they started chanting i had to laugh

  3. prich permalink
    October 7, 2013 11:19 pm

    I agree with cmadler 100%. Ron English has proven himself to be one of the worst coaches in the FBS ranks and his winning percentage of .207 (includes this last weeks blowout by U. of Buffalo). Frankly he should not have been given his fifth year on his contract. I understand that financially it didn’t make sense to paying his contract for 2013 and another new head coach, but now we have wasted another year in Ypsilanti to right this titanic. I don’t want to hear that ‘we are a young team’ or ‘we have the right guys in place’ anymore. I’ve been a fan, booster, and season ticket holder (6 seasons now) and it has simply been embarrassing. I can no longer support such an inept team such as this – and as an alum and a huge college football this is painful to say. But when the university doesn’t make a commitment to winning in terms of bringing in the right coaching staff, then how can they expect me to continue investing my time, energy, and money into a floundering football program. I have much better ways to utilize these resources.

    We are now 1-4 in 2013. This is nothing new under English’s so called leadership. I recently talked to alum that graduated in the 1970’s who are as passionate about EMU sports as I am, but they too are tired of the excuses we continuously hear in Ypsilanti. It is about the W’s now. This is English’s team…his recruits…and this is the best he can show EMU faithful? In addition to his losing ways of ’embracing the process’ the home attendance is at an all-time low. Last year we averaged approximately 4,500 fans per home game. We have seen attendance continue to decrease when I thought it couldn’t go any lower under the previous coach.

    President Susan Martin has done a terrific job leading the university during her time at EMU and made a commitment to the football program as evidenced by the new indoor practice facility and some improvements in Rynearson Stadium. But one thing remains the same at EMU and that is losing at football. AD Heather Lykes needs to pull the trigger on this one fast. The season is lost and how can the players believe in English’s system which has translated to winning 1 out of every 5 games? AD Lykes took the job and now she has to make the tough decision on firing somebody. This isn’t always easy, but with a winning percentage of .207 at EMU, this should be the easiest decision she should have to make.

    I’m not one to advocate firing a coach in mid-season, but this is an exception. Give those senior players a chance to believe they can win…Stan Parrish can take over as interim HC and provide a needed to boost for those that will be graduating this year. AD Lykes, if you are listening, pull the trigger on this one now…it is time to stop the bleeding, at least temporarily.

    • grady permalink
      October 11, 2013 11:20 am

      prich — don’t wait till this weekend, send your excellent post directly to the AD – she needs to read that serious fans like you who support the program are about to give up


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