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Depth chart for EMU vs Howard

August 26, 2013

Normally I like to wait until late in the week to run the depth chart, to account for any mid-week changes, but since this is the first chart of the season, I know we’re all anxious to take a look.


X receiver
Demarius Reed
Donald Scott

Z receiver
Dustin Creel
Quincy Jones

H back
Jay Jones
Quincy Jones

Tight end/Y receiver
Tyreese Russell
Cole Gardner

Left tackle
Bobby McFadden
Andrew Wylie

Left guard
Campbell Allison
Darien Terrell

Kent Collins
Jake Hurcombe
Orlando McCord

Right guard
Jake Hurcombe
Orlando McCord

Right Tackle
Lincoln Hansen
Bobby McFadden

Tyler Benz
Mark Iannotti

Running back
Bronson Hill
Darius Jackson
Ryan Brumfield
Javonti Greene


Defensive end
Kalonji Kashama
Alex Jones
Matt Price

Nose tackle
Cy Maughmer
Mike Brown

Defensive tackle
Travis Linser
Arron Pipkins

Rush end
Pat O’Conner
Omar McFarlane

Weak-side linebacker
Ike Spearman
Great Ibe

Middle linebacker
Sean Kurtz
Hunter Matt

Strong-side linebacker
Great Ibe
Tim Brown

Left corner
Ja’Ron Gillespie
Darius Scott

Right corner
Willie Creear
Ray Tillman

Free safety
Mycail Swaim
Kevin Johnson

Strong safety
Donald Coleman
Pudge Cotton

Special teams

Austin Barnes
Owen Dubiel

Place kicker
Dylan Mulder
Kody Fulkerson

Long snapper
Chris O’Risky
Chance Monarch

Kickoff specialist
Kody Fulkerson
Brendan Renius

Kickoff returner
Tyler Allen

Punt returner
Demarius Reed

Mark Iannotti

A few surprises here include Jake Hurcombe as the starting right guard, Great Ibe as the starting strong-side linebacker, and Ja’Ron Gillespie starting at left corner. It’s also worth noting that Pudge Cotton will be coming off the bench behind Donald Coleman, and that Mark Iannotti is listed as the top backup quarterback.

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