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Ron English: “I’ve been told that I will be here next year”

November 23, 2012

Before we get into today’s game, before we even start thinking about a post-season review, let’s get one thing — the most important thing — out of the way. Ron English will be back next year.

Well, at least, he’s “been told” that he will be back.

In his post-game press conference today, Ron English was asked about his future at EMU. His initial response was to say that he will be back next year. But he did seem to backpedal a little when asked if he had actually met recently with Athletic Director Derrick Gragg to discuss the mater. In the end he stuck with his initial comment that he’s been told that he’ll be at EMU next year, and refused to elaborate.

There are a few ways to take English’s comments.

One possibility, of course, is that Ron English, through some communication from Dr. Gragg, has been given to understand that he will be back, and if this is the case, I see no reason that it shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Another possibility, which seems a little more likely given English’s backpedaling and his refusal to elaborate, is simply that, because he remains under contract through the end of next year (12/31/2013, to be exact), and because he hasn’t been told otherwise, he expects to be back. This suggests that his fate at EMU is yet to be decided, or at the least, yet to be announced to him. Another argument in favor of this possibility is past action: Charles Ramsey wasn’t fired as men’s basketball head coach until nearly a month (28 days, to be exact) after the team’s last game.1

Ron English also indicated that although he expects to be back, he may not be bringing back all his assistants. Specifically, he spent a fair bit of time criticizing the offensive coaching. I think it’s fair to say that if, as he expects, Ron English is back next year, there will be some changes on the offensive staff, probably including offensive coordinator Ken Karcher.

Here’s the whole press conference; have a listen and share your thoughts in the comments.

Part 1, mostly about today:

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Part 2, mostly about the future:

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  1. You may recall that the women’s basketball team went reasonably deep into the WNIT that year, and some people thought that any announcement about Ramsey would come after the women’s season was over, so as not to distract from their success. However, Ramsey’s firing was about two weeks after the women’s basketball team played their last game. []
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  1. November 24, 2012 6:33 am

    English should have gotten more invoved with the offense 3 yrs ago. the hand writing was on the wall. karcher refused to adapt to what gillett could do best. the offense should have been read option play action rolling the qb out putting the qb in space an letting him make plays. instead it was stretched out delayed hand offs alot of 3rd an long no deception an no imagination. english is the head coach and is responsible for not doing anything about it. it was so boring an predictable. then they make gillett the scape goat and he has to stand and watch when they started to loosen the offense up. karcher put his ego ahead of the team. he’s a legend in his own mind!

  2. John Baublit permalink
    November 24, 2012 8:52 am

    Eastern Michigan can set itself up for recruiting a better calibre coach by honoring it’s part of the contract with coach English through the end of next year (12/31/2013). Honoring a contract makes Eastern more attractive to a prospective coach and his/her assistant coaches because coaches can plan their own lives around a contract they can depend upon to support their families. Committing your career and life to a football coaching position at Eastern is riskier than other places because we are known as the “graveyard of coaches”. A solid contract from which someone can depend upon reduces the risk of a better quality coach coming here. Firing English now would force Eastern to pay the salaries of two head football coaches which Eastern can’t afford. Hopefully Eastern will recruit a former “head coach” from a “successful” Division II or IAA program and avoid hiring another Big Ten assistant coach which hasn’t worked for us. If coach English is highly successful next year, Eastern won’t have to worry because someone else will hire English away from us.

  3. November 24, 2012 9:19 am

    If he isnt willing to over haul his staff then he needs to go.he’s openly critical of them. there won’t be any cohesiveness among them now!


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