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Depth chart for EMU at Ohio

November 1, 2012

Here’s the official depth chart for EMU at Ohio. There are very few changes this week.


X receiver
Donald Scott
Quincy Jones

Z receiver
Dustin Creel
Mitchell Dawkins

H back
Demarius Reed
Javonti Greene
Jay Jones

Tight end
Garrett Hoskins
Tyreese Russell
Christian Menet

Left tackle
Campbell Allison
Bobby McFadden
Korey Neal

Left guard
Corey Watman
Josh Woods

Andrew Sorgatz
Jordan Erbes

Right guard
Orlando McCord
Campbell Allison

Right Tackle
Lincoln Hansen
Bobby McFadden

Tyler Benz
Alex Gillett
Mark Iannotti

Running back
Bronson Hill
Dominique Sherrer
Ryan Brumfield

Matt Boyd


Defensive end
Kalonji Kashama
Omar McFarlane
Matt Price

Nose tackle
Cy Maughmer
Arron Pipkins

Defensive tackle
Travis Linser
Mike Brown
Devin Henderson

Rush end
Andy Mulumba
Pat O’Conner

Weak-side linebacker
Hunter Matt
Sean Kurtz
Bryan Pali

Middle linebacker
Justin Cudworth
Colin Weingrad

Strong-side linebacker
Blake Poole
Ike Spearman

Left corner
Darius Scott
Kirkland Bryant

Right corner
Marcell Rose
Kris Strange
Corey Manns

Strong safety
Mycal Swaim
Pudge Cotton
Kevin Johnson

Free safety
Alex Bellfy
Donald Coleman

Special teams

Jay Karutz
Kody Fulkerson

Place kicker
Dylan Mulder
Kody Fulkerson

Long snapper
Mike Zupancic
Matt Bowman

Kickoff specialist
Kody Fulkerson
Dylan Mulder

Kickoff returner
Tyler Allen
Dominique Sherrer

Punt returner
Demarius Reed
Alex Bellfy

Alex Gillett


  • Demarius Reed moves ahead of Javonti Greene as the starting H-back. Reed got the start last week at Bowling Green, while Greene did not play.
  • Omar McFarlane moves ahead of Matt Price as the #2 defensive end, behind Kalonji Kashama.
  • Kirkland Bryant got the start at left corner at Bowling Green, but Darius Scott remains listed as the expected starter, despite not playing last week (injured?).
  • My guesstimated list of players who are injured: DT Devin Henderson, SS Kevin Johnson, LT Korey Neal, LB Bryan Pali, LC Marlon Pollard, LC Darius Scott, LB Colin Weingrad. If you’re wondering why the defense has been bad this year (though by and large, I don’t think they’ve been that bad, they just haven’t gotten much help from the offense), I think that’s at least part of the answer.
  • As for why Pudge Cotton and Donald Coleman are coming off the bench behind Mycal Swaim and Alex Bellfy, we can only guess, but I’ll note that the change happened after the Toledo game, and Ron English was very unhappy with the safeties’ performance in that game.
  • As for the offense…about 10 days ago we wondered whether EMU’s offense was really that good, or if Toledo’s and Army’s defenses were that bad. I think Saturday gave us our answer, and it wasn’t the one we were hoping for. Ken Karcher is still the offensive coordinator.
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