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Depth chart for EMU vs Army

October 19, 2012

Here’s the official depth chart for EMU vs Army. Although there are a few changes, they mostly reflect what’s actually been happening in games, but there’s one non-change which, if true, would be a shocker.


X receiver
Quincy Jones
Donald Scott

Z receiver
Dustin Creel
Mitchell Dawkins

H back
Demarius Reed
Jay Jones

Tight end
Garrett Hoskins
Tyreese Russell
Dylan Brooks

Left tackle
Bobby McFadden
Matt Thornton
Korey Neal

Left guard
Corey Watman
Shawn Sinawe

Andrew Sorgatz
Jordan Erbes

Right guard
Campbell Allison
Orlando McCord

Right Tackle
Lincoln Hansen
Scott MacLeod
Bobby McFadden

Tyler Benz
Alex Gillett
Mark Iannotti

Running back
Dominique Sherrer
Javonti Greene
Ryan Brumfield
Bronson Hill

Matt Boyd


Defensive end
Kalonji Kashama
Omar McFarlane
Matt Price

Nose tackle
Cy Maughmer
Arron Pipkins

Defensive tackle
Travis Linser
Mike Brown
Devin Henderson

Rush end
Andy Mulumba
Pat O’Conner

Weak-side linebacker
Bryan Pali
Hunter Matt

Middle linebacker
Justin Cudworth
Sean Kurtz
Colin Weingrad

Strong-side linebacker
Blake Poole
Ike Spearman

Left corner
Darius Scott
Kirkland Bryant

Right corner
Marcell Rose
Corey Manns
Kenyarda Bates

Strong safety
Pudge Cotton
Kevin Johnson
Mycal Swaim

Free safety
Donald Coleman
Alex Bellfy

Special teams

Jay Karutz
Kody Fulkerson

Place kicker
Dylan Mulder
Kody Fulkerson

Long snapper
Mike Zupancic
Matt Bowman

Kickoff specialist
Kody Fulkerson
Dylan Mulder

Kickoff returner
Tyler Allen
Dominique Sherrer

Punt returner
Demarius Reed
Alex Bellfy

Alex Gillett


  • Quincy Jones replaces Donald Scott as the listed starting X receiver, after getting the actual start the last two weeks.
  • Tyreese Russell moves ahead of Dylan Brooks as the backup tight end.
  • The offensive line has been rejiggered to reflect what’s actually happened the last three weeks: Bobby McFadden is starting at left tackle and Lincoln Hansen is starting a right tackle. Korey Neal, who hasn’t played since Purdue, is now listed as third string. Matt Thornton advances to second string left tackle, but still hasn’t played, and the farther into the season we get, the less likely it seems that he’ll break his red-shirt.
  • Likewise, Devin Henderson is now listed as third-string defensive tackle after not playing the last two games. Travis Linser, who’s started in his place, is now the listed starter, and Mike Brown also advances from third to second string.
  • Likewise, the linebackers have been rejiggered to reflect what’s actually happening. The overall linebacker depth chart (assuming everyone were healthy and available) seems to be Cudworth, Weingrad, Pali, Poole, Kurtz, Matt, Spearman, Pennese.
  • For some bizarre reason, a week after having the season’s best single-game rushing performance in the country, Bronson Hill remains listed as the third string running back. If Hill doesn’t see significant playing time this week…well, after last week, I find that so incomprehensible that I can’t even find a way to finish that though.
  • After the offense gained 624 yards and scored 47 points last week, I am not complaining about Ken Karcher. For now.

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