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There Are…..

May 14, 2015

…114 days until we see the
mad dashing of Reggie Bell as he slashes through opposing defenses,
the Pride of the Peninsula march onto the gray field of The Factory,
and the eagle wow the crowd as it flies out onto the field.

And you may ask why I picked 114. I don’t know, I’ve just been getting thinking about football again. I was going to start this at 100 but the mood struck me. I probably wont do another post until 100 though. Anyway, looking forward to the new season.

Random Musings — Spring Edition

April 3, 2015

It has been quite the busy week at EMU, and in the MAC. No mere column can cover the ground that needs to be tread. Only another installment of our award-winning Random Musings series will do.

  • The biggest news on campus this week is the resignation announcement by EMU President Susan Martin. Dr. Martin will be remembered for stabilizing a wayward ship, overseeing much needed infrastructure improvements, and focusing attention on drawing quality students to EMU. Where she truly set the bar high was in her genuine enthusiasm for Eastern Michigan University. If there were 600 fans at the Convo for an EMU hoops game, there is a good chance Dr. Martin was one of them, and usually paid the student section a visit. Dr. Martin spoke frequently about improving EMU athletics. For her, the talk was not mere lip service. She walked the walk as well.
  • I fear that the current clusterfuck over the EAA will cloud her legacy. That is unfair, but the current actions of the Board of Regents are so egregious that there will always be arguments that not enough was done to stop them before Governor Snyder packed the BoR with political toadies. This leads us to the biggest problem with Dr. Martin’s retirement – selecting her replacement. The BoR is currently completely dysfunctional, and operating in a poisonous environment. They can’t hold a public meeting without being shouted down by angry protesters, protesters THEY created. EMU is being held hostage by the BoR right now, and there is no way a quality selection can come out of the current swamp.

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Eastern Michigan Vs. Michigan State Baseball

April 1, 2015

Occasionally I will try to stop at an Eastern Michigan baseball game but they make it difficult. Almost half of the season is played in Arizona and about two-thirds of the remaining games are played during the day on weekdays. Spring tends to bring out my other photographic interests, so that only leaves a handful of games that I could potentially do. So I decided to go for a change of pace and catch a couple innings of the Eagles playing the Spartans. It was a nice enough night for it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the reasons explained above, this will not be a regular thing but enjoy it when I do post. When I left, the Eagles were up 4-2. They would go on to score six more runs to create a final score of 10-5.

President Martin to step down

March 31, 2015
Dr. Martin conducting the EMU Marching Band at a 2010 football game.

Dr. Martin conducting the EMU Marching Band at a 2010 football game.

After seven years as President of Eastern Michigan University, Dr. Susan Martin today announced that she will be moving on to the next chapter of her life, effective on her seven-year anniversary as President, on July 7, 2015. Per the terms of her contract, she will take a one-year sabbatical before assuming the tenured position of Full Professor in the EMU Department of Accounting and Finance in the College of Business in fall 2016.

Thus began EMU’s announcement today.

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EMU Basketball Report — The Final Analysis

March 27, 2015

Now that the EMU women’s basketball team has finished their season, it is time for the final analysis of the 2014-2015 EMU basketball season.

The men finished with a somewhat deceptive 21-13 record. No question the win total was padded by an extremely weak non-conference schedule. When it really mattered, MAC play, EMU was 8-10 during the regular season.

In the post season, EMU won an opening round game at home, and then defeated the fifth-seeded Bowling Green Falcons, before losing in the MAC Tournament quarterfinals to Toledo. EMU’s season ended on the road with a loss to Louisiana-Monroe in the CBI Tournament.

I consider the season a mild disappointment. I over-projected what this team was capable of; the graduation losses of Da’Shonte Riley, Glenn Bryant, and Daylen Harrison were too much to overcome. Also, the transfer of Darell Combs removed a consistent scorer from the EMU bench. Having said this, the season was still a disappointment. I’m sure Rob Murphy, his staff, and the players would agree. Losing in the MAC Quarterfinals is not good enough.

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NCAA Formally Declares War on Geography

March 15, 2015

(Indianapolis, IN) In an unprecedented move, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) declared war on the academic discipline of Geography on Sunday. Decades of tension boiled over into outright hostilities, as the NCAA launched a new offensive designed to render Geography an at best quaint representation of a time when people actually cared that things made sense.

“We are tired of being told how terms like ‘east’ and ‘west’ are supposed to be defined,” exclaimed current NCAA Commissioner Mark Emmert. “I mean, what if you’re in Shanghai? Where’s your east and west then?”

Hints of a full scale offensive have been simmering over the years, including previous two-front excursions like the one that claimed Omaha, Nebraska is in the east, and that Provo, Utah is on the west coast. A later action that declared South Bend, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky to be part of the “Atlantic Coast” further inflamed tensions between the NCAA and Geography.

The formal declaration was deemed necessary when Northern Iowa University and Davidson College, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Davidson, North Carolina, respectively, were both assigned to play in the East Region of the NCAA Tournament while simultaneously being sent to Seattle, Washington.

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MAC Tournament Wrap-Up

March 15, 2015

Another MAC Tournament has come and gone, and the Eastern Michigan men and women both return home to await word of what their consolation prize will be. For the men, it will be playing in the CBI Tournament. Rob Murphy says this is a useful thing for the program, so I guess I’ll believe that, but I cannot/will not be able to get up for it.

The women will have to wait and see if they get an invite to the WNIT. I’m not sure if the women even have a CBI/CIT equivalent, but the WNIT has 64 teams, and if EMU gets subbed it will be unfortunate, especially for this particular group of ladies. A run in the WNIT would be a nice way to end the season.

If the men’s side of the college basketball world wanted to expand the NIT to 64 teams, and eliminate the CBI/CIT I don’t think one single person would complain about it.

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Ohio Bobcats women’s MAC championship preview

March 14, 2015

This afternoon EMU will face the Ohio Bobcats in the women’s MAC tournament final. Let’s take a look at the match-up.

Game details

  • #6 EMU vs. #1 Ohio
  • Saturday, March 14, 1 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Television: Buckeye Cable Sports Network, TimeWarner Cable Sports, ESPN3, Comcast Infinity
  • Online: ESPN3
  • Radio: EMU broadcast on 89.1 WEMU-FM (online); Ohio broadcast on 1340 WOUB-AM (via TuneIn)
  • Live stats: via the Mid-American Conference

EMU will be running a free fan bus again. The bus is scheduled to leave Ypsilanti from the Convo at 9:30.

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And Just Like That…

March 13, 2015

Had I been thinking, I would have gotten my media pass for the MAC Tournament except that I wasn’t sure if I was going to make the trek or not. As I got in the excitement of the victory over Miami, I decided to take Thursday and Friday off so that I could head down to Cleveland to cheer on the Men’s Basketball Team. Of course, that was predicated by them defeated the Falcons. They did and I was off.

Since the game pictures aren’t up to my normal standards, you’re going to get something different in the post.  Some pictures from the game, some pictures on the way to the game and some shots of things I don’t normally get during the game.  I hope that you like it.

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EMU Basketball Report — Hot & Spicy Edition

March 13, 2015

The men’s basketball team bowed out of the MAC Tournament last night in a game that showcased, again, the importance of securing a top four seed. Toledo burst out of the gates, led by the passing of Julius Brown, and the dunking of J.D. Weatherspoon.

Eastern had some fight in them, and managed to pull within striking range a couple of times, most notably when Karrington Ward had a steal-and-slam to cut Toledo’s lead to 45-40. But the Rockets had more fuel than EMU, and put their foot on the gas and left the Eagles far in their wake.

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