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2014 MAC Blogger Roundtable, week 9

October 24, 2014

This week’s MAC Blogger Roundtable is hosted by…me! I am king of the roundtable, BOW DOWN BEFORE ME! MWAHAHA!!!

OnNoticeAs king, I subjected my…er…subjects to a three-question inquisition. The following blogs paid fealty:

Really? Just two? That does it, the rest of you hosers are on notice.

As always, I’ve selected a…um…a selection of the best answers to each question. To peruse all the brilliance that is MAC bloggery, click the links above.

1. Last week talked about coaches; this week let’s talk about players: Which player from your team has been the biggest positive surprise, and who has fallen the most short of expectations? Read more…

Depth chart for EMU vs Northern Illinois

October 24, 2014

Here’s the expected depth chart for EMU versus Northern Illinois.

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EMU vs. NIU Preview

October 24, 2014

Recently, when Eastern Michigan and Northern Illinois battle in football, the outcome is horrific for EMU. Over the last five years, the average score of an EMU/NIU football game is 49-10 in favor of the Huskies. Considering that in 2011, EMU went to DeKalb and gave NIU a pretty good fight, losing 18-12, the score isn’t even that close. Without that game, the average score is 57-9. Ugly, to say the least.

Is it wrong to think this year’s team has an opportunity, if not to win but to at least battle the Huskies in an entertaining football game?

Last week, NIU bounced back from a difficult loss at home to Central Michigan with a 51-41 win over Miami. This may not be the same Husky team that so thoroughly dominated the MAC West the past two years, but make no mistake, this game is a tall order for Chris Creighton’s EMU squad.

Two weeks ago, at home against Buffalo, EMU proved they were capable of playing some pretty solid football. Last week, at UMass, EMU reverted back to their old ways. Who are they? The scrappy, cohesive bunch that played so well against Buffalo, or the listless group from last week?

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The Bubble

October 24, 2014

In their reminder about the new charge for parking, EMU shared the attached image. I thought this was worth sharing, not because of any great insight it provides about parking or traffic control, but for something a little more subtle. The structure formally known as the “Multi-Purpose Air-Supported Indoor Facility” (really) is finally being called “The Bubble”, a nickname we started using here even before it opened.

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Eagle Totem Roundtable, Week 9

October 23, 2014

Time for week 9 of our  Eagle Totem roundtable. This week, hosted by Jeremy…

See Ken! I can post pictures too! Not quite as good as yours, but it is an eagle and a round table. Questions and replies after the jump…

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Swoop

October 22, 2014

I got what I figured was a pretty decent picture of Swoop at the Buffalo game.  I do enjoy seeing Swoop at the games and I hope you enjoy your wallpaper.


I hope that Eastern Michigan is able to pull off the upset on Saturday.


2014 opponent watch, week 8

October 21, 2014

EMU’s opponents went 6-3 this week, or 4-2 when you exclude games against each other and against EMU. Old Dominion, Buffalo, and Toledo had the weekend off.

Team W L Total % Conf W L Conf % Last Next SagP
Morgan State 4 3 57% MEAC 3 1 75% Won 21-20 vs North Carolina Central 10/25 at Villanova 38.96
Florida 3 3 50% SEC 2 3 40% Lost 42-13 vs Missouri Bye (11/1 vs Georgia) 78.48
Old Dominion 3 4 43% Conference USA 1 3 25% Bye (lost 42-35 at Texas-El Paso) 10/25 at Western Kentucky 53.57
#8 Michigan State 6 1 86% B1G 3 0 100% Won 56-17 at Indiana 10/18 at Indiana 86.75
Akron 4 3 57% MAC 2 1 67% Lost 23-20 at Ohio 10/25 at Ball State 63.56
Buffalo 3 4 43% MAC 1 2 33% Bye (lost 37-27 at EMU) 10/25 vs Central Michigan 54.28
Massachusetts 2 6 33% MAC 2 2 50% Won 36-14 vs EMU 10/25 at Toledo 55.12
Northern Illinois 5 2 71% MAC 2 1 67% Won 51-41 vs Miami 10/25 at EMU 63.35
Central Michigan 4 4 50% MAC 2 2 50% Lost 32-29 vs Ball State 10/25 at Buffalo 61.78
Western Michigan 4 3 57% MAC 2 1 67% Won 26-14 at Bowling Green 10/25 vs Ohio 64.54
Ball State 1 5 17% MAC 0 2 0% Won 32-29 at Central Michigan 10/25 vs Akron 60.10
Toledo 4 3 57% MAC 3 0 100% Bye (lost 37-30 at Iowa State) 10/25 vs Massachusetts 68.64
Total 43 41 51% 23 18 56%
Past 25 24 51% 14 12 54%
Upcoming 18 17 51% 9 6 60%

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Random Musings — Bonus Rant Edition

October 20, 2014
  • EMU’s 36-14 loss to Massachusetts on Saturday certainly brought things back to reality in a hurry. One week after Eastern Michigan’s offensive explosion against Buffalo, the EMU offense was held in check by UMass, and the defense could not stop the Minutemen, especially their running game. The loss proves there is a long way to go for this program.
  • Quarterback Reggie Bell was at times solid, and at times lost in the UMass game. This shouldn’t be a surprise, he is still only a redshirt freshman, and this was only his third start. There will be growing pains for Reggie, but these are necessary. If Chris Creighton is to build a winner in the next few years, players like Bell will need to go through these difficult times.
  • Ryan Brumfield was pretty ineffective on Saturday. Meanwhile, Bronson Hill had 1 carry for 4 yards, and 1 reception for 34 yards and a touchdown. Something is not right here. On a day when the team can only muster 14 points, how can you justify two touches for Bronson? It. Makes. No. Sense.

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EMU at Massachusetts open thread

October 18, 2014

Game day!

It’s too late to make the 12-hour drive from Michigan to Massachusetts, but there are some flights leaving Detroit Metro around 9 AM that will get you to Boston’s Logan International Airport in time to make the game.

While you’ve got a few minutes this morning, and before you get too far into consuming your beverage of choice, go ahead and review all our coverage for this game: Know Your Foe, the EMU depth chart, and the game preview. Speaking of beverage of choice, if you’re looking to celebrate EMU’s first-ever game against the Minutemen with a New England brew, I recently tried Smuttynose Robust Porter and found it quite good. Read more…

Depth chart for EMU at Massachusetts

October 17, 2014

Here’s the expected depth chart for EMU at Massachusetts.

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