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Historically Bad Defense Wastes Offensive Effort

October 12, 2015

As I left Rynearson Stadium on Saturday night, I was dismayed over the prospect of writing about another crushing defeat. I promise you, gentle reader, this shit gets old. If you think watching these kinds of games year after year gets tiresome, imagine having to present a new and fresh take on the team as well.

Today, however, I thought of one. In my twenty-one years of closely following EMU football, I can say without hesitation that this is the worst defense I have ever seen don the green and white. It gives me no pleasure to write that, but there it is. The truth can be painful. What say you, fellow long time EMU football watchers? Have you seen a worse defense than this?

This defense could’t stop a band of quadriplegic monkeys, assuming the simians in question know how to run a fullback or halfback dive. The simplest play in football — a straight ahead handoff to a running back — and this defense has no answer, and hasn’t since Old Dominion running back Ray Lawery looked like the reincarnated version of Eric Dickerson in week one.

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EMU football midseason grades

October 12, 2015

Well, the season is halfway over — mercifully. I’ve taken some time to evaluate aspects of the football program this season and give them a letter grade based on what I’ve seen. I give Eastern Michigan a little credit, given the gauntlet of a season it faces. The Eagles (1-5, 0-2 Mid-American Conference) only have one week off, and it’s not for another six weeks. We’ll definitely be bringing that up later. Meanwhile, here are the grades.

Offense (overall): C+

While the offensive line is still something that I have a major issue with, in terms of consistency, there are still quite a few good things happening on this side of the football. The team is averaging nearly 30 points a game and is managing to weather the storm while missing its best player, sophomore quarterback Reggie Bell, who should be back sometime in the next couple of weeks after breaking his jaw during the team’s opener against Old Dominion. Read more…

How much patience?

October 11, 2015

This morning on Hustle Belt, Alex wrote a post entitled “Patience is the key for Eastern Michigan Eagles football.” Alex argues that EMU football is a historically bad program (I don’t mean that the program has been bad, I mean that in the entire history of college football, the last 25 years at EMU are among the worst such stretches any school has gone through), and that it takes time to change things.

All of that is true, but there’s a counterargument that a lot of disgruntled long-time EMU fans and alumni make. Although I don’t completely agree with them, I get where they’re coming from, because I’ve watched so many seasons come and go at Rynearson. Read more…

Eastern Michigan Football Vs Akron in Pictures

October 11, 2015

There are often times where I ask myself why do I go to photograph these games. Sometimes like last year, Eastern will pull out a win. Other times, they will at least make it competitive. It just seems like you never know what you are going to get with this team. And then there are the games where you just shake your head. Today was one of those games. The defense got torched from the air and the ground. The offense looked brilliant at times and inept at others. And then when things seemed to go well, there was a piece of yellow cloth on the ground that said otherwise.
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EMU vs Akron Zips: Homecoming open thread

October 10, 2015

Homecoming game day!

The Parade of Nations in 2010. It’s good in theory, but underwhelming in practice.

It looks like great weather today, with no precipitation in the forecast, and temperatures ranging from the mid-50s (depending on how early you start your tailgate) up to the mid-60s during the game. Light winds, and sunny to partly cloudy skies complete the picture of a perfect fall day.

Speaking of the tailgate, before you get too far into it, don’t forget to review Jeremy’s preview, the depth chart, and remind yourself what happened when EMU went to Akron last October.

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Depth chart for EMU v Akron Zips

October 9, 2015

Here’s the expected depth chart for EMU’s game tomorrow against the Akron Zips.

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EMU vs. Akron Preview

October 9, 2015

The roller coaster ride that has been the 2015 Eastern Michigan football season continues on Saturday with a homecoming battle between Chris Creighton’s Fightin’ Emus (1-4, 0-1) and the Akron Zips (2-3, 0-1).

EMU was given up for cannon fodder last week heading into Baton Rouge, but managed to put forth a respectable effort against an SEC foe. Add to that the fact that EMU played well last year on Chris Creighton’s first homecoming game, a defeat of the Buffalo Bulls, and EMU fans are optimistic about a win on Saturday.

It is certainly true that EMU has played well at times this year, but it is also true that every time Eagle Nation gets optimistic about this team, the letdown is palpable. After a solid road win against an admittedly wretched band of Wyoming Cowpokes, EMU came back home and blew a winnable game against Ball State, and then gave up 5 million rushing yards against a very mediocre Army team.

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EMU-LSU: In pictures

October 6, 2015

I made the trip to Death Valley to see Eastern Michigan’s football team take on LSU over the weekend. While these photos are nowhere near as nice as the ones Ken takes every week, I’ll share them with you anyway. Enjoy.


I’ll admit it, I’m impressed

October 6, 2015

Last week, I made a prediction: Eastern Michigan’s football team was going to lose to LSU, and it wasn’t going to be close.

Eastern lost 44-22, but the game was a lot closer than it looked. The Eagles (1-4) stuck with then No. 9 ranked LSU (the Tigers moved up to 7 after the win) for three quarters. Read more…

Marketing Football at EMU — A Better Way

October 5, 2015

One of the standard practices of marketing is to find out why consumers use your product and utilize that reason to make it appealing to other people. When I endeavored to create an effective marketing campaign for Eastern Michigan football, I was drawn to this notion of taking what your customers love about the product, and amplifying that to other potential customers.

Of course, short of inventing a time machine and erasing what I believe to be the uninspiring “Factory + grey field” concept, what I write today is a case of what might have been, or something to be filed for the next regime. One of my purposes in writing this is that as years go by I can point to it when asked what I would have done vis-à-vis marketing football at EMU, a question that comes up somewhat frequently.

(Before I go on, I am aware that EMU played a football game against LSU last Saturday. I was pleased with the spirited effort, and hope it portends well for MAC play. Eagle Totem correspondent Al Willman was at the game, and will have a report for us later this week.)

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